Age Of Uncovery

Ages ago an enormous meteor hit the world, the impact so large it upset the foundations of the world itself. Plate tectonics got upset and created a world that changed too rapidly for its previous inhabitants. Dry quicksand formed through escaping gases below the earth’s crust, brought about by the friction between the cracked, moving continental plates. This created gas build-ups right below the earth’s crust and when enough pressure built under the surface, the gas escapes to the surface. This gas creates pockets of air between the fine dune sand thus creating dry quicksand. This is sand you cannot traverse normally, as you will sink into it, choking you within seconds. Dry quicksand is almost indistinguishable from normal sand.

Life is hard. Treacherous quicksand deserts ate up large portions of the known world. Old empires crumbled, its inhabitants scattered and sought refuge elsewhere. People were forced to live closer and closer together on the last of the remaining fertile lands, while population numbers and wealth dwindled over the centuries that followed. New empires, consisting of sprawling urban concentrations, formed around key locations that contained valuable resources and farmable land. Communication between the new powers became harder and harder due to the dangers of the sands: quicksand pitfalls, sand storms, heat, drought. And raiders.

Formed from what initially were dissidents from various empires, escaping the oppressive conditions of the cities, a number of people found a way to survive the deserts. These nomads roam the sands, trying to scratch a living from hunting, husbandry, and looting. Now these groups have grown into tribes of their own, competing for wealth, power and survival.

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